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Photo and Video experience that has that Hollywood Red Carpet feel

Want to feel like you're on the red carpet surrounded by Paparazzi?

Our Paparazzi Booth is a video and photo experience that will make you feel and look like a superstar! The Paparazzi booth is great for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and even brand activations. This experience will create fun and engaging entertainment for you and all of your guests.

Paparazzi Booth Digital Photo

Why Should You Book Paparazzi Booth?


It's unique

It's not everyday when you can walk your own carpet with Paparazzi, right? This unique photo and video experience will make you feel like a celebrity and will create that Hollywood style video experience for you and your guests


Easily sharable

You and your guests will be able to review and share your videos and photos taken in the Paparazzi Booth instantly via Email or Text. Each video will be a perfect length and size requirement for you to share onto social media.


Makes you feel like a superstar

Our on site attendant will walk you through the entire experience so it will give you a "red carpet experience" you'll never forget!

Let's Bring the Paparazzi To Your Event

Paparazzi Booth Photo & Video Experience Denver
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